Explore the wealth of Blue Ridge Mountain UNIQUE GIFTS


What’s so wonderful about Appalachian unique shops?

They ARE Unique and fun to Explore!

One of the joys I get in exploring north Georgia is seeing all of the antique shops throughout north Georgia. I am fascinated by the different shops and items for sell.
Because many of the toys, chairs, tables, dishes, etc. that I grew up can be seen in many of the antique shops, I avoid them mostly as it reminds me of how old I am.
Nevertheless, many of my family and friends love to visit them and as a host, I accompany them and find myself enjoying seeing the old familiar items as it reminds me of an enjoyable childhood.
Below is a list of those that I have found and think that you may be interested in visiting.

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Smith Station Antiques, Cherry Log
If I were decorating the interior of my business with old “stuff”, I would go no further than Smith Station Antiques.
They are located north of Cherry Log on the right of Hwy. 515 just past mile marker 17 from Ellijay to Blue Ridge. They have an RV park there but I am unfamiliar with it.
If you have any questions, call them at 706-635-5460.

Black Bear Antiques, Ellijay
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Black Bear Antiques is located in Ellijay on the east side of Hwy. 515 in the Old Orchard Square shopping center where to new Ingles is located. Makes sense their address is 240 Old Orchard Square.
This is my Uncle Phil holding up the bear at the corner of their building.
They offer some quality antiques and hand made furniture. I saw a huge antique double door that seemed 12-feet tall. You can reach them at 706-635-2327.

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