Georgia MARBLE Festival

What’s so wonderful about the Marble Festival?

Besides everything, its HARD to beat!

The first weekend in October is the time for one of the premier fall festivals; the Georgia Marble Festival.

The festival started downtown on Main Street with a 5k, 2k and fun road run at 8am. The parade started at 10 AM Saturday morning. I enjoyed watching the motorcycles (having owned two myself). After the parade, a huge crowd of bikes ride over the Burnt Mountain and back again. If you like looking at bikes (motorcycles) you can go to R&R Trikes where all of the bike’s gather after the motorcycle ride.

The festival grounds are at Lee Newton Park and open at 10:30 AM. The park is located at 500 Stegall Drive, Jasper.

There were 77 arts and crafts vendors and 120 artists participating in the arts and crafts area from the surrounding counties. I found a variety of items made of wood, pottery, beaded glass, gold, silver, and (you can imagine!) marble. I found marble vases and tiles along with a variety of jewelry, accessories, and novelty items.

The exhibit hall was the fine arts exhibit location and was filled with approximately 180 entries showing their marble and wood sculptures, paintings, and photography.

I noted that the children were having a grand time at the face painting, train ride, pony rides and the famous rock wall. Of course there were additional activities for children throughout the festival grounds.

Entertainment lasted throughout the day. I enjoyed listening to music and there was plenty there. I heard some bluegrass, country, blues, gospel, and a Scottish drum and bagpipe group. Additional entertainment consisted of dance, clogging, and Indian folklore.

I like this festival, as it is very relaxing and plenty of good food. Approximately 20 vendors supplied plenty of Mexican, Thai, German, barbeque, Chinese, Greek and American food. Now I do enjoy the sweets also; but, I did not get up enough courage to try the FRIED Oreos or Twinkies!

One of the things that set this festival apart from others is the quarry tour by Polycor Georgia Marble showing marble structures and sculptures that have shaped the rich history of the marble valley. This is the only time that the quarries are open to the public. The cost is $10 and the Nelson Marble Museum is one of the stops on the two-hour tour.

As much as 10,000 people have showed up to this festival. There is a $5 adult / $3 children entrance fee with parking and shuttle free. Times are Saturday 10:30 to 6 and Sunday 10-5.

For more information, call 706-692-5600 or click here to go to the Marble Festival website.

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