Amicalola waterfall

What is my experience at Amicalola waterfall?

Scenic BEAUTY!!

Amicalola Fall Entrance Sign

The Amicalola Falls State Park houses one of the two most visited waterfalls in Georgia. It’s probably because it is the tallest “cascading” waterfall east of the Mississippi River and easiest to access.

Amicalola Fall Direction Sign

As I entered the Amicalola Falls State Park, I saw a directional sign on the left and the park information center on my right. I suggest you visit the information center for three reasons: 1) to get a map like the one on this page, 2) to see the learning center (live snakes and stuffed animals), and 3) to get information on any exhibits, training, or displays that they might offer that day.

One day that I went, a Park Ranger took all of the NON-poisonous snakes outside to talk about the snakes in north Georgia and let the kids touch to feel them. It was a great time for all (except those that don’t like snakes!)

From the information center, you can hike or drive to three scenic locations on the Amicalola Waterfall: the Bottom Pool (not shown) where the water has fallen 729-feet, the West Ridge Access Trail, and the top of the falls. (see the 3 pictures below)

Amicalola West Ridge Access Trail
Amicalola Fall Stairs Sign
Amicalola West Ridge Falls

The West Ridge Access Trail (an easy walk and handicap accessible path to the middle of the falls)
For those driving to the top, about half way up your drive is a handicap accessible overlook that is worth the stop.

The pathway is a recycled rubberized trail that has some minor slope well below the accessibility standard of 1:12. At the end of the rubberized trail I found a great view up the fall and the beginning of the steel open grated stairs.

Amicalola Fall Top Lookout

As my picture shows, the view at the top is magnificent. The hike to the top is scenic and enjoyable. I suggest you take your time and enjoy the journey. Regardless of the trail you take, all trails will get you to the top with gorgeous scenery along the way.

The hike is about one mile and drive is about two miles. There is a wood overlook that bridges over the creek approaching the falls were you look out over the falls. The fall is series of drops and cascades. The scene is absolutely beautiful.

Amicalola Fall Suzanne

I enjoy the top of the waterfall with its cool, refreshing breeze about 15-degrees cooler than surrounding atmosphere temperature. Very enjoyable during a warm summer day!

I love taking visitors here and always volunteer to drive to the top to meet them so they do not have to hike back down. (A very successful and self-sacrificing strategy I might add.) The scene from the top is picturesque and I assure you I am never bored waiting for my guests. About half way up the drive is a handicap accessible overlook that is worth the stop.

Let me give you two words of advice:

Amicalola Fall Truck
Amicalola Fall Me
First stay on the trail; not getting off like the truck did (left)!

Second, take your camera for some wonderful pictures of the upper portion of the falls. (Man am I look’n good, considering overweight, bald and old.) (right)

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