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Hello, I am Harry Farrar and I started my first website in 2006. It was supposed to be about my cabin in Ellijay, Georgia. But I got carried away and began writing about my exploring and love for North Georgia Mountains area.

Harry FarrarI love exploring and traveling, because that’s what my parents did as we traveled and explored from one Air Force Base to another. I reinforced my love for exploring in Boy Scouts.

After high school, I found myself in college with long weekends, breaks, and holidays to do more exploring. Since college, schooling, training, jobs, and economic pressures have kept me on the move exploring.

But now in my later years with children and grandchildren, I have found a wonderful mountain area that is fun to explore and travel.

Harry on horseI want to blog about my experiences and fortunately, in my research I discovered Empower Network. I am now writing about my passion and letting the Empower Network Blogging Platform handled all of the techie HTML code stuff. I found Empower Network to be the best blogging platform I could imagine. What I needed and I have now is a careful web site machine that gives me traffic.

Now here I am with a powerful blogging platform and a fun web site and lots of traffic because of Empower Network.

Empower Network is not a get rich schema but it is a way to make money blogging about what every your interest is.   It has changed my life.

My Website is still young and growing because Empower Network is behind the scenes helping me attract traffic so I can explore North Georgia taking cool pictures of trail signs, and floating the river with my grandson (Cool Rattle snake sign – bottom line: stay on trail and you will NOT get bit).

Rattle snake signHarry  with Caleb in tube

Do you have a passion ? Do you feel an itch to tell the world about your hobby? Your sport? Your passion? Or even start a business? What ever it is that is dieing to get out, let Empower Network help you create a Blog and earn money. Give it a try; what have you got to loose?

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