Apple Orchard Alley

What is so wonderful about Apple Orchard Alley?

Apples, man; apples!

Fresh off of the tree ripe apples!

Apple and Bench
Do you like doing something that does not cost a lot of money and is good for you? Well, the money is up to you; but you don’t have to spend a lot of money shopping for apples.

Now, I enjoy a day driving Apple Orchard Alley because I know apples are good for me. Fried apple pies, apple funnel cake, apple milk shake … it is all good!

Some apple houses offer more than just apples and food. There are petting zoos, hayrides, and entertainment for the children at some of the apple houses. But regardless of your pleasure you will enjoy visiting the apple houses and sampling the different varieties of apples. I find plenty of entertainment on Apple Orchard Alley.

“Apple Orchard Alley” is Georgia Hwy 52 east out of Ellijay, Georgia. This two-lane road has eight apple houses located on it for your stopping and shopping pleasure. Not every orchard along Hwy 52 has a apple house open to the public.

The following eight apple houses are listed in order of traveling west to east from Ellijay. Apple houses adjust their schedule seasonally. Some may be closed and others will be open as they sell fruits and vegetables (local if available) through the year.

From Ellijay heading east on Hwy 52:

Chocolate Apple House

1. Oak Hill Orchards – This is the first apple house you will come to and it is on the right. I have not seen it open. Why do I mention it? They have a sign on the side of their building – “chocolate apples”. I am keeping an eye on that apple house.

R&A Apple House

2. R&A – on the left. Jennifer Futch runs it now from their grandparents Roger and Ann (R&A). Hamburgers, hot dogs, apple samples, cider, ice cream, table sitting are. They have their own bakery and humongous apple pies for $2. They have a “U-pick it” area at no charge and with no premium apple charge. They are open year round with their own grown vegetables.

Sellers Apple House

3. Sellers Apple House on left. Olena Adams (maiden Sellers) runs her modest, well priced road stand with cider, jams, jellies and Walker’ fried pies.

Apple House

4. Hudson’s Apple House, 8-miles east of Ellijay on the right. Ruth Reese runs their family apple house. It is simple, no flair warehouse with the fresh apples, fried pies and cider, peaches, nectarines, and vegetables (in season). 706-273-3160.

Aarons Apple House

5. Aaron’s Apple House on the right. Mitchell said that he, Diane, and the “tax man” operate their family inherited apple house. Another no-frill house that offers the apples, cider, Walker’s fried pies, and friendly discussions. 706-273-3180

Mack Aaron Apple House

6. Mack Aaron’s Apple House on the left. They have a fresh bakery and advertise 11 kinds of fried pies. An interesting attraction is the different children’s lunch boxes hanging from the ceiling rafters. When I visit them during the season, there are more than eleven and some are sugar free. Plus they have my favorite fruit pie – chocolate.

Reeces Apple House

7. BJ Reece’s Apple House on the left. This red building houses its own bakery and offers jellies, jams, and cider under their name. They offer “U-pick it” apples for a added fee. This is a large “hoppin” place where they offer hayride, and petty zoo for a small fee.

Hillcrest Apple House

8. Hillcrest Orchards on the right is the last orchard I found on Orchard Alley. This apple house is not as large as it may seem, as the public does not have access to its entire floor space. However, the attractions located here more than makes up for it. The attractions include playground, wagon ride, milking cows, farmhouse museum, petting zoo, and a stage for entertainment such as cloggers, and music.

The apple house has a sample table, ice cream parlor, bakery, jellies, jams, and cider under their own label.

On final thought about apple orchard alley before I mention a couple other apple houses. While you are out east of Ellijay and on Hwy 52 there are two attractions in that area: Amicalola Falls and Burt’s Farm.

If you are in this area between Sept 1 and Nov 15, I suggest you travel on over to Burt’s Farm and see their pumpkin patch. From Hillcrest Orchard, the last apple house, it’s another 2-miles east until you come to an intersection with a stop sign. Turn left toward Dahlonega and go another 1-mile to Burt’s. They have hayride, animated blue grass band and bakery. The bakery produces their own jellies, jams, relishes and fresh baked pumpkin breads and pies.

From Burts Farm, go another mile or two on this same road and you will arrive at Amicalola Falls State Park

Back to apples. You don’t have to shop just along Apple Orchard Alley to find fresh apples. There are other orchards in the area that are well known. There is Panorama Orchards Farm Market located on Hwy 515 South of Ellijay.

The best-known apple house NOT located on apple orchard alley is Mercier Orchard located on Hwy 5 about 2 miles north of Hwy 515. Hwy 5 is the road from Blue Ridge to McCaysville. Reliable sources tell me that it is Southern Living Magazine’s favorite roadside apple market with its fried pies, apple cider and shopping assortment.

I love stopping there each time I drive by their apple house to purchase fresh produce from their orchard. If they do not have any produce – no problem – cherry milkshake baby. 706-632-3411 or

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