What should you BRING to the north Georgia climate?

What to Bring to North Georgia?

Regardless of when you visit north Georgia, the season you select is a wonderful time to surround yourself in its natural beauty.

Winter days are usually clear and cool with little humidity so that you can view the distant mountain country with delight and wonder. With a little luck Mother Nature may top it off with a little white wonder.

Spring presents a wonder of color with all of the gloriously blooming wildflowers, azaleas, and dogwoods.

Summer brings blooming mountain laurel and rhododendron and warmer water for the water sports enthusiast. The adventure can begin with some lazy and relaxing river tubing and end with an excitingly memorable white water rafting trip.

Fall offers a display of fabulous colors that few canvas paintings can capture. Not to overlook the fabulous flavors offered by the large variety of north Georgia apples.

Weather and climate conditions in each of the North Georgia seasons:
Spring – fair and bright 65-80 degrees F
Summer – warm and sunny 80-85 degrees F
Fall – clear and brisk 55-75 degrees F
Winter – mild and cool 50-60 degrees F

Depends on the season you intend to vacation in north Georgia. I usually pack more than I need because I would rather be comfortable when I hike the trails (or hike the antique mall). For example, I may pack an extra wind-breaker or coat on the chance that the climate may be cooler in the higher altitudes.

Personal supplies:
Depends on the attraction you intend to focus on. Below is a list of a few things many people forget:
sunglasses, grilling supplies, chairs, umbrella,
binoculars, suntan lotion, pillows, swim suit,
detergent, and compass.

Depends on where you are planning to staying the night; primitive or with utilities. If you have camped before you know what you need. However if you have not camped, I have posted my camping list here for the newbies.

If you are at a cabin, they usually have everything you will need to prepare your meals. However, you may want to bring some specialty cooking utensils or special needs items. If you stay at my cabin, you don’t need much. The coffee grinder is there and Wal-Mart is only 7 minutes away.

I usually bring extra set of clothes just in case it rains on our exploring expedition, or we do some unplanned tubing, etc. Then again, we have a washer and dryer at the cabin so I am never in jeopardy of having too few cloths as I often think.

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