Blairsville SORGHUM festival

What’s so wonderful the Sorghum festival?

One Word: Everything – INCLUDING SWEET!

Blairsville’s most famous festival is the Official Georgia Sorghum Festival. This event is the 2nd and 3rd weekends in October between 9am and 5pm and is sponsored by the Blairsville Jaycees. This 40th year has a parade, a car show, entertainment, competitive events and of course plenty of the best Sorghum Syrup you will ever taste.

The syrup is made from Union County’s own cane. I was able to see them making the syrup before my eyes at the “fort” which is the centerpiece of the festival. The parade started at 11AM on the 1st Saturday of the 1st weekend. Entertainment was throughout the day as musicians, cloggers, and other forms of entertainment performed at the festival. The car show was the 2nd Saturday and had over 200 cars and was held at the United Community Bank parking lot on Highway 515 by-pass.

Events included biscuit eating, pole climbing, log sawing, rock throwing, horseshoe throwing, and dare I convince you to attend by telling you about the tobacco-spitting contest.

Oh, by the way if you don’t know, Sorghum is the 3rd most popular cereal grain in the United States. It is used in bread, cookies, cakes and soup, and of course “malted beverages”.

If you need more information about this free admission, free parking event, click here to go to the official sorghum festival site

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