North Georgia Restaurants

Are there any good restaurants in north Georgia?


My passion is exploring north Georgia, as you know. And exploring eateries and restaurants is NO exception. While I love eating different cuisines, more often than not, I don’t have the time. Let me explain.

Most GREAT explorers plan their excursions. We bring all of the equipment and provisions we need. This saves time and money. More important, it gives us GREAT explorers flexibility to go with the flow and change plans. I find that planning to eat at a particular restaurant ties me to a location and schedule that takes away some of the fun of being spontaneous.

The truth of the matter is that some of the best memories I have with family and friends are picnicking. One of those times was at the Swinging Bridge while exploring Driving Tour #3. We brought our picnic lunch with no idea where we would eat during our outing Turned out we found a great secluded location near the bridge with a beautiful tranquil quiet location.

Setting aside the joy of picnicking, I would like to share my limited exploratory experiences with local restaurants.

Cajun Depot, Ellijay – If you are in the mood for some authentic Cajun food let me assure you that you will experience some of the finest at this restaurant. I found the food and service excellent. The prices were reasonable.

Colonel Poole’s BBQ, Ellijay – I enjoyed some great barbeque in a very interesting eatery. Exploring the “wall hangings” were well worth my time. For $5 you can immortalize your name on the famous “pig hill of fame”. Even though this restaurant was a little over priced, I found the entertainment worth the extra expense.


Pink Pig, Cherry Log – Look for this sign on the left (west side of Hwy. 515) traveling from Ellijay to Blue Ridge. Follow this pink pig sign to what is said to be President Jimmy Carter’s favorite BBQ stop.

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Restaurant Next restaurant here.

One final thought about the restaurants in north Georgia. There are plenty of options and opportunities to experience some of the finest cuisine in the southeast United States.

Email me and let me know your experiences. I would love to hear them!

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