Blairsville BLUEGRASS Festival

What will you say while exploring the Blairsville Bluegrass Festival music extravaganza?

Nothing, you will be all ears and a smile on your face!

Bluegrass player at house

The Union County Historic Society, Southeast Bluegrass Association and the Blairsville Downtown Development Authority sponsor the Blairsville Bluegrass Festival the 3rd weekend in September.

There are three (3) stages performing rain or shine with free admission. If you enjoy music, experience the Blairsville Bluegrass Festival. I loved going to all 3 stages.

Bluegrass players at the jail

I started out at the City Hall music stage but did not stay very long, as one of my relatives could have seen me from the upstairs jail. So I headed over to the Mountain Life Museum in the Union County Courthouse.

I appreciated hearing the music coming from the courtroom upstairs as I explored the historic relics on the 1st floor of the Union County Historic Court House. After that I headed to the Mock Home to hear the music and see the arts, crafts, and food.

Bluegrass players at courthouse front view

However, you may not need to travel between stages as the musicians rotate and play at each of the three (3) different stages. There are free music workshops on instruments, recording, and website design.

The Southeast Bluegrass Association brings in some great music and the Blairsville Downtown Development Authority organizes a great event with all of the trimmings.

 Bluegrass players at courthouse back view

You do not have to bring your lawn chair or a blanket for the outside stages, as there are plenty of chairs under the tents. There is plenty of food from local restaurants either on-site or within walking distance. There are no alcoholic beverages at the festival and this festival is so exhilarating you won’t want any.

Bluegrass players at Mock House

One of the three stages is at the Historic Mock House where they have the vendor’s tents. I enjoy exploring the vendors and all of the food, gifts, crafts, and handmade products. There is a kiddy bouncing air filled house for the children.

Click here to visit the Union County Historical Society website.

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