North Georgia SHOPPING

What’s so wonderful North Georgia Shopping?  North Georgia SHOPPING is quaint and relaxing exploration.

Downtown Cleveland

In a few words: hand made, home made, home grown, unique and antique!

While part of your “group” (the guys) are out participating in their recreational sport, it is time for the remaining “group” to participate in their recreational sport – SHOPPING!

As a typical male, I am not a “shopper”. I like going into a store and getting what I want and getting out. On the other hand I am an explorer and love exploring unique locals regardless of its draw.

If you don’t mind may I stand up for those who like me enjoy the pleasure and sport of “shopping”.

“Sport” is an interesting word. The word “sport” comes from the old French word “desport” meaning leisure. So, is “shopping” a sport? Hmmm, I’ll answer that question shortly.

Downtown Dahlonega

According to Wikipedia, ice skating, tai chi, marching band for examples may not met the strict functional definition of sport but they do meet the artistic and leisure side of sport. If you do not agree, why is chess, bridge, and poker consider sport? So ladies, go out and shop with confidence. Let us see your ability, skill, and style shown in the “sport” of shopping. Click here (NG/shopping) to see those “sporting locations”.

Drive the Blue Ridge Mountains and experience the hidden Hand Made, Home Made, Home Grown, and “Uniques” shopping attractions that only north Georgia can offer.

Hand Made

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Home Made
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Home Grown

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”Unique” shops

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